5 Stage Reverse Osmosis purification system
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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis purification system

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Reverse osmosis water purification is different to water filtration because it leaves you with pure water. This reverse osmosis system removes impurities including bacteria, viruses, hormones, chemicals and other impurities. The onboard computer system monitors any impurities in parts per million (ppm) and if the level of impurities increases then it is time to change filters (or the filter change alarm will remind you). The recommended filter change intervals are only a guide, the actual interval will depend upon the contamination levels of your tap water supply. The purified water is stored in a pressure tank ready to dispense via an inbuilt faucet and you can also connect to a faucet at your sink and your refrigerator.

1st Stage Filter (WLP8): This filter removes sediment particles and should be changed at least every three months or when it turns brown due to the trapped contamination
2nd Stage Filter (WLP7): This filter contains Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) which removes chlorine and other Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) which are harmful to you and may damage the reverse osmosis filter. This filter should be changed at least every six months.
3rd Stage Filter (WLP5): This filter removes finer particles and odours prior to the water entering the ultra fine reverse osmosis filter. Change this filter at least every six months.
4th Stage RO Membrane (WLP10): The Reverse Osmosis membrane filters out the smallest particles including bacteria, viruses, hormones, chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities. During this stage the impurities are separated out by the membrane and flushed away to keep it clean. The RO membrane only needs to be changed every two years.
5th Stage filter options
Option 1 - Carbon filter (WLP6) for final finishing of water prior to dispensing - your new purification system will arrive with this filter option fitted.
Option 2 - Mineral filter (WLP13) helps add back minerals to the purified water prior to dispensing
Option 3 - Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and alkaline filter (WLP12) finishes the purified water and changes the pH value from acidic (the pH of purified water is normally 6.5 depending upon the pH of the supply water) to alkaline with a pH of approximately 8.5 depending upon the pH of the supply water.
Option 4 - Mixed ion exchange bed deionizing filter which makes the water suitable for autoclave systems and laboratory applications.

Comes with parts and installation instructions, everything you need for most UK households.

6th Stage: Use WLP11 so that the GAC and alkaline filter is fitted externally and use the mineral filter (WLP13) as the 5th stage. Alternatively the purified water can be passed through the hydrogen generator to produce the perfect pH and ORP values for a detoxifying water normally only sold as an expensive bottled water.